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Boat Removal Wake County, NC

Having a boat removed is often too big of a task to do yourself, and there are many things that can go wrong if not done correctly. From owning the necessary tools from a job of this caliber, to coordinating the logistics involved for proper disposal, hauling off an old boat from your property can be downright stressful!

In most cases, it’s best to leave an involved process like this to the professionals to ensure a hassle-free and quick removal of your vessel. Our team at Backwoods Junk Removal will remove and haul off of your old vessel in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We’ll even take the time to clean up any debris left behind to ensure there are no environmental hazards to your family and neighbors.
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Wake County Boat Removal FAQ

How Much Does It Cost To Haul A Boat Away?

The average price per hour for hauling a vessel varies depending upon location, size, condition, etc., if you call Backwoods Junk Removal today, we’ll give you a no-obligation estimate absolutely free so you’ll have an idea how much you’ll need to spend.

What's The Right Way To Dispose Of A Boat?

The best option is to have it hauled away by an authorized disposal company that has experience in removing vessels. Removing boats is no easy task. Heavy equipment must be used to lift them up onto trailers and transported off-site where they will be disposed of properly.
Junk Boat removal pictures
Junk Boat removal pictures

Are There Some Parts I Can recycle Or Salvage?

Yes! There are many things you can reuse or sell-off after having your boat taken away. Here are some ideas:
• Engine – Sell engine at an auction house or scrap yard
• Boiler – Scrap metal dealer
• Prop shafts & propellers – Recycle them back into their original form
• Hull – Salvage hull for use as firewood or building material
• Pontoons – Reuse pontoons for another project
• Anchors – Save anchors for future projects/scrap yard

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Remove Your Boat:

1) You don’t want to risk damaging your property while trying to get rid of your boat. If something goes wrong with your attempt, you may end up paying more money than necessary just to fix what happened. This isn’t worth risking your home or business.

2) The process takes time and requires expertise. A professional junk remover knows exactly which tools and techniques work well together to safely remove your boat without causing further damage. They know how to handle heavy objects and make sure everything is done correctly.

3) It may actually cost less to hire professionals to do this job. When you pay someone else to take care of the details, you save yourself valuable time and energy. Plus, you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong because these experts already know how to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

4) Lastly, you’ll feel good knowing that your belongings were handled responsibly and professionally.
Junk Boat removal pictures

Contact Us Today For A Free Estimate

We will schedule a convenient time and date for you for boat removal.

During the call, we’ll go through details regarding your project and answer questions you may have. We’ll give you a detailed rundown of what we’ll do to give you an estimate of how much it might cost before getting started.

We are a full-service company with years of experience providing quality commercial & residential junk removal services at affordable rates. Contact us today for more details!

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